4 Key learnings from Gynecology: PCOS and contraception

Earlier today we also heard from a number of presenters sharing latest study data on PCOS and contraception. We’ve already shared our learnings around adolescent PCOS, but what else did we hear about?

1.  Jaime Algorta from Spain shared initial results from a study of a new generation contraceptive ring, having recently worked with the EMA to develop a trial for authorisation. This new version of the vaginal ring has demonstrated the benefit of a more gradual release during the first day of use and was recently approved having proved bio-equivalence with current available vaginal rings in efficacy and safety!

2. Wethen heard from Klaas Heinemann on results from the INAS-SCORE study. Data showed that risk of VTE associated with DNG/EV was lower than the risk associated with general oral contraceptives (oCOC). DNG/EV also showed a significantly reduced ATE risk compared to oCOC users with DNG/EV showing an overall lower risk of serious cardiovascular events when compared to oCOC.

3.       The same INAS-SCORE study also demonstrated that oral contraceptives have high contraceptive effectiveness and that overall contraceptive failure rates were lower for the European DNG/EV cohort arm compared to the oCOC cohort.

4.       Finally we heard from Olexandra Gromova who shared results of an observational study looking at using a low-dose nonsteroidal antiandrogen to improve ovulatory function in PCOS patients. Treatment was found to improve skin conditions in 95% of cases and improve menstrual cycle regularity in patients with PCOS!

It's great to hear more work is being done to find new forms of contraceptives and new uses, we look forward to final results from these studies being published soon.